Powder Coating

We offer over 6500 colors in powder. This does NOT include custom colors that can be manufactured upon request. Several textures and multi-stage finishes are also available. If you can imagine it, we can powder it.


Blasting/Phosphate Cleaning

As part of the process, we require that all parts/projects are prepped in-house. Blasting or phosphate cleaning services  are included in the cost of final finish coatings and vary with the type of substrate and condition of the item. Several types of media and processing is available. We also offer on-site mobile media blasting service. Our companion company Powder Keg Blasting is well versed in every aspect of media blasting and cleaning. They are a mobile based service which can service any size of project within the State. Please visit their website to request a quote today.

Ceramic Coatings

For those needing and ultra-high temperature surface coasting, we offer ceramic parts coating. Several colors/finishes are available. Although not as durable as powder, ceramic can endure higher temperatures for items such as exhaust components. This is a liquid sprayed and heat cured process, thus has a longer process time than powder.