We will stand behind our products, prepping, and finishing. This includes the reasonable expectation that the finish will be applied correctly, and provide a surface that exceeds that of any painted process for color, adhesion, and durability. Excessive wear or damage from un-reasonable use of the part surface will not be warrantied. The substrate or item condition is not our responsibility. We will do everything to prepare the part for a perfect finish, however, internal corrosion, outgassing and substrate composition can affect any surface.

Parts WILL be prepped prior to a finish/powder coating. This may include stripping, blasting, sanding etc.. We do NOT know what your pieces are made of until they are bare. This can lead to finding “non-conductive” parts that may NOT be able to have powder applied. If this is the case, we will notify you of the issue, but we may NOT be able to complete the work if the pieces in question cannot withstand the process. When the pieces are completed, we recommend application of a light oil or rust inhibitor be applied to any seams, pinch channels, slip joints or questionable corners where a finish coating cannot reach. These are areas where the parts may have NEVER had a coating over the bare metal, and would not get coverage in ANY type of coating. This is common in outdoor furniture, and exterior automotive parts. Rust is a constant variable in ANY iron borne product, and WILL happen, even if you cannot see it. Application of oil each season can mitigate the “rust bleed”….especially in humid areas.

Any service completed prior to a final finish of the product is the responsibility of the client, and will be invoiced for the project labor/materials accordingly.

All service costs and/or balances are due immediately upon completion of the process.

All shipping costs are the responsibility of the client.

Cash (USD) and Credit Cards are accepted. Personal and business checks or wire transfers must clear PRIOR to picking up parts or return shipment.

Parts will be held for no more than 10 days after completion. Any parts left for more than 10 days, with a paid invoice, will be charged a minimum storage fee of $50/mo. and stored off-site. Any unpaid invoices after 10 days for services will be applied to the total value of the part and the part, item will be sent to public or on-line auction brokering. Any auction profits will be used to cover general costs of the administrative time for invoice recovery. Losses will be applied to an outstanding invoice.

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