Work Orders

Many parts are supplied my manufacturers who need batch work associated with continuous production or specific project components. If you have a need for this type of service, please call us to set up a process planning meeting.

Smaller job orders include those parts or items that you may only need once and priced per part rather than batch quantity. If this is the case, we will need to quote the part(s) individually, as inspected by our staff.

You can send also us an inquiry by email or phone anytime and we will try to answer any general questions about the process.

When shipping or directly presenting parts, it is advisable to inspect all parts before they arrive to our facility. Any repair of a part prior to coating will cause a delay and additional costs in the process with estimates of sub contracted vendors, client approval, labor costs, and or return shipping to the client for said repair.

The parts will be recorded and inspected prior to and after preparation or each part. An estimate for the part(s) will be provided prior to preparation. If repairs or preparation issues that change the costs of the service are evident the client will be re-contacted to determine the best path to complete the project.

Once the parts are coated, the parts will be inspected, recorded, wrapped and shipped or tagged for client pick up.

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